By: Ismail Fahmi

After two days, Drone Emprit got more data from Twitter about how people use the word "shooting" and "terrorist" regarding the New Zealand terror attack.

We found that 70% of the conversation said "terrorist" attack, while 30% of it said  "shooting" attack. It seems globally we agree about the term, that it was an act of a terrorist.

The trends of the two terms for the New Zealand terror attack is also clearly dominated by the use of the "terrorist" term.

Globally, the use of the term "shooting" vs "terrorist" can be seen  from this SNA (social network analysis) graph. "Blue" nodes for "shooting", "orange" nodes for "terrorist". Most of the key influencers use the term "terrorist", including @HillaryClinton and @IvankaTrump.  

Let's zoom the graph a bit, to see their names clearly who dominantly retweeted for the use of the term "shooting" vs "terrorist" related to the New Zealand terrorist attack. The algorithm of classifying the nodes as "blue" or "orange" is based on the number of retweeted received by each term. The more a term retweeted, the higher the probability for the algorithm to give a related colour.

We have Hillary Clinton in the center of the global conversation. John Legend, Jeremy Corbin, Piers Morgan, Scott Morrison, Antonio Gueteres, Boris Johnson, even Benjamin Netanyahu all said it was a terrorist act. However, Netanyahu didn't  mention "moslem" in his post, just "victims".

From the table of  key influencers for the terms "shooting" vs "terrorist" related to the New Zealand terrorist attack, we can find some names appear in both tables. It means, the influencers indeed use both words in their posts. However, some of the post got more retweets, which will trigger the  algorithm to select the highest number for the classification.